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Byte Into IT - 5 March 2014

March 5th, 2014

Episode 338 of 438 episodes

This week on Byte: Guests: Dan Peade, Patrick Sunter and Anthony Aisenberg of Crowdspot join the team to discuss public transport, community consultation, open source, and in particular their work on Public Transport Not Traffic - get involved! News: Facebook have moved into the drones business (no, not the band). Zuckerberg and co have paid $60 million for Titan Aerospace, who specialise in drone aircraft. What Facebook's plan is for the technology is anyone's guess... Finally, some good news for women in tech: A new study by the American Association of University Women has found that there is no statistical difference between the salaries of male and female programmers. Britains Royal Society has hosted a Wikipedia "edit--thon" aimed at increasing the number of female wiki editors. In a vote of confidence in their own product, Yahoo have announced plans to stop allowing users to sign in using Facebook or Google logins. Donations to Kickstarter have hit $1 billion, pledged by 5.7 million people. The team discuss the impending merger between TimeWarner and Comcast, and the resulting implications for net neutrality and Antitrust. There are arguments for, against, and of course the business case. Meetup's site has been taken down by a DDoS attack, by people demanding the princely sum of $300. Yes, really. There are actually people who do that. Opportunities and Events Senator Scott Ludlam (fresh from his tearapart of the Prime Minister in Parliament) is doing an AMA on reddit at 9pm AEDT (that's 28 minutes from the time this sentence is published). Expressions of Interest are open for Melbourne Knowledge Week, Oct 27-Nov 2. Applications close April 30. Stanford University are offering a cryptography course via Coursera, 5-8 hours per week for six weeks starting April 1 (yes, we know...). The first UX Movie Night of the year, "Desiging Facebook Home", 6:30pm, March 27. Horse Bazaar, 397 Lt Lonsdale St. Presented by Vanessa Toholka, Lachlan Simpson and Keren Flavell Keep up with Byte on thewebsite,G+orTwitter

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