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Byte Into IT - 6 August 2014

August 7th, 2014

Episode 354 of 438 episodes

On this week's Byte: Guests: CEO of the Health Informatics Society of Australia Dr. Louise Schaper joins the team in studio to discuss next week's Health Informatics Conference (August 11-14 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre). News: The Federal Government has announced a new push to compel telcos and ISPs to store users' metadata for two years and provide it to law enforcement on request (just when we thought it had gone away...). Though it seems certain members of the Government may not actually have any idea what they're on about, and are just confusing everybody. And if you are confused about what Metadata actually is, check this one out. A Russian crime gang has managed to obtain over a billion username and password combinations, as well as 500 million email addresses. But they'll use them for good rather than evil, surely...? While the Government is fascinated with our data, they're also pushing ahead with plans to make it easier for Government data to be held in the cloud offshore. 3D printing human organs - it's closer than ever, people! Researchers in the US are working on 3D printing replacement organs and extending lives - no-one could ever accuse them of being heartless (Get it??). The Visual Microphone - using sound vibrations to take a pretty good guess at the shape of objects based on the noise they make (before you say "what?" check out this video). Gmail have moved closer to real global inclusivenss by allowing non-Latin characters in addresses for the first time. Lighter News: Have you ever looked at a plain, boring wall and thought "That wall is so plain and boring, I wish that was a touchscreen"? Well, now it can be! Anyone who says they've never been to a club and thought they could do a better job than the DJ is lying. Now you can put your money where your mouth is. Go on - we dare you. How hackable is your car? Are you sure you want to know? OK then... While we're on the topic, how hackable is your plane? Event: Django Migrations author Andrew Godwin is in Australia for PyCon, and doing a last-minute talk at Common Code, 114 Hoddle Street Abbotsford, 7:30pm, Thursday August 7. Liquid Architecture are launching their 2014 Festival Program, Website and Catalogue at West Space, Level, 225 Bourke Street Melbourne, 7:00pm, Friday August 8. Media Lab Melbourne are holding OpenLAB August with talks by local creatives Dylan Martorell and Ethno Tekh, 136A Cromwell Street, Collingwood, 2:00pm, Sunday August 10. The Australian Internet Governance Forum, discussing who "owns" the Internet and what its future is, Crown Promenade hotel, August 26-27. Don't forget the Health Informatics Conference! Presented by Vanessa Toholka, Lachlan Simpson and Simon Brown. Keep up with all things Byte on Twitter, Facebook, and G+ - see you next week!

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