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The RSA hosts one of the world’s leading public events programmes, delivering over 100 lectures, talks, screenings and debates a year. These events provide a platform for our most exciting public thinkers, and encourage intelligent exploration of today’s most urgent social challenges. Our public programme welcomes speakers from across the world and across disciplines – all united by a belief in the power of ideas to inspire and motivate social change. All of the audio files are recordings of talks in our public events programme.


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Good Work for All

May 11th, 2017

This event was recorded live at The RSA on Tuesday 9th May 2017 The world of work is changing fast. Globalization, de-industrialisation, automation - all have had a disruptive effect on traditional jobs and working practices in the UK in recent decades. With this disruption comes opportunity, no doubt, but also insecurity and anxiety. The Brexit...

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This event was recorded live at The RSA on Thursday 4th May 2017 The traditional liberal democracies of the West are in decline, and divisive populist sentiment is on the rise. When faced with global instability and economic uncertainty, it is tempting for states to react by closing borders, hoarding wealth and solidifying power, and for...

This event was recorded live at The RSA on Wednesday 26th April 2017 Over the last year, the RSA has been working in collaboration with ECIS, on a project looking at how the skills and expertise of different players within a city can be mobilised to best support the needs of refugee young people. In the context of uncertainty, budget cuts and...

This event was recorded live at The RSA on Thursday 27th April 2017 With the failure of successive governments to tackle challenges ranging from climate change and terrorism, to growing inequality and far-right extremism, we have seen a sharp decline in trust and confidence in politics. The result? The rise of anti-politics, anti-expert,...