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Dan Savage, America's only advice columnist, answers your sex questions and yaps about politics. To record a question for Dan to be answered in a later podcast, call 206-302-2064. For a much longer version of the show, with no ads, visit savagelovecast.com and get yourself a season subscription.

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Savage Love Episode 349

July 2nd, 2013

Episode 234 of 447 episodes

First off, prepare yourself for the most Depressing Rant Ever. (We recorded this show well before DOMA went DOWN.) A young gay man connected with another lad on Grindr. Then he met up with a different man, at the SAME HOUSE. What tomfoolery is this? A lad and his boyfriend are planning to try out a bathhouse for the first time, and ask Dan for some basic tips. What he suggests…may shock you. And, the inimitable Garfunkel & Oates come on the show to explain a shameful evasive strategy that many women have mastered. On the Magnum side, Dan talks to a man who may have to adopt his own niece, because his brother (the baby's father) is in and out of jail. Choking! Groovy fun, or not such a good idea? Are all drag queens gay? Do they have to be? Because here's a straight woman who's attracted to them. And a ton more... This episode is brought to you by Audible. Download a free audiobook of your choice today at AudiblePodcast.com/Savage Today's episode is also brought to you by AdamandEve.com. Get 50 percent off almost any item when you enter "Savage" at checkout.

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