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Dan Savage, America's only advice columnist, answers your sex questions and yaps about politics. To record a question for Dan to be answered in a later podcast, call 206-302-2064. For a much longer version of the show, with no ads, visit savagelovecast.com and get yourself a season subscription.

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Savage Love Episode 433

February 10th, 2015

Episode 318 of 447 episodes

A kinkster is worried that her feminist mother will see some bruises and assume the worst about her boyfriend. How can she explain that they are in a loving, mutually satisfying Dom/sub situation? A woman doesn't like to swallow her boyfriend's come. Is this a rare condition? On the Magnum, Dan chats with Zoë Tersche from the website ThisWink.com about how to comport yourself at kinky play parties. And, a man with a heart condition is sick of his lovers going easy on him in bed. Can he ethically withhold the information that the exciting sex they are about to enjoy might make him keel over? What a way to go. 206-201-2720 This episode is brought to you byHarrys.com. Get $5 off your first purchase by entering the code "Dan"when you check out. This episode is also brought to you by NatureBox: the subscription service dedicated to smarter snacking. Get a free sample, by visiting Naturebox.com/savage This podcast is brought to you by Stamps.com. Click on the microphone and enter "Savage" for $55 free postage and a digital scale.

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