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Dan Savage, America's only advice columnist, answers your sex questions and yaps about politics. To record a question for Dan to be answered in a later podcast, call 206-302-2064. For a much longer version of the show, with no ads, visit savagelovecast.com and get yourself a season subscription.

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Savage Love Episode 434

February 17th, 2015

Episode 319 of 447 episodes

A married woman has lost all sex drive. Her husband is willing to let her be with other men. But the thought of her husband with another woman makes her so jealous that her mouth goes dry. Is this gonna work out ok? A straight man with a newly issued hall pass is having a hard time meeting ladies who will sleep with him because they know he's in a relationship. Why must it be this way? Why?! On the Magnum, Dan chats with author Johann Hari, on our silly little drug war, and how drug abuse results from boredom and isolation, not drug availability. And more! 206-201-2720 This podcast is brought to you by Stamps.com. Click on the microphone and enter "Savage" for $55 free postage and a digital scale. This episode is also brought to you by Squarespace.com. They make it easy to build a website or blog. Give it a whirl, and if you want to buy it, use the code Savage for a 10% discount and free web domain registration. This episode is also brought to you by Babeland. Get 10% off plus free shipping when you enter the offer code "55506" at checkout

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