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Long-term Weather Forecasting

October 15th, 2015

Episode 59 of 158 episodes

Long-term weather forecasting could become twice as accurate by analysing air movement 40km above the Earth surface in the stratosphere. Scientists can determine the effect of these winds on the Jet Stream, hence provide more accurate weather patterns for the coming month. This would allow governments, businesses, and individuals more certainty when planning for extreme events, such as floods or snow storms. Human Evolution Theory Questioned Scientists working in China have just revealed they have found what is being called a “game changer” - teeth from modern humans that are about 100,000 years old. This means early humans arrived in modern day China about 50,000 years before they arrived in Europe and also suggests that there was more than one migration of our species out of Africa. Data from Pluto Confirmed Scientists confirm the latest data from Pluto. Adorable Ancient Furry Fossils A 125-million-year-old furry mammal fossil has been found, complete with fur, internal organs and soft tissue. Tired of Modern Life? Sleep No Different for Our Ancestors Studying sleeping patterns of hunter-gatherer tribes reveals they sleep as long as we do. New DNA Structure The famous Watson-Crick double helix depicts a zoomed-in structure of DNA. For the first time scientists have obtained images of the structure of tiny circles of DNA that contain about 300 base pairs – and they have found it is much more diverse and complex than they imagined. Cross-Species Organ Transplantation Scientists have removed parts of pig DNA which could one day lead to safe organ transplantation between pigs and humans. This type of xenotransplantation could save many lives, particularly in the current context of shortage of organs for clinical transplants. (Photo: A front loader plows the Downtown Crossing area during winter storm Neptune which dropped over a foot of snow 15 February 2015 in Boston, Massachusetts Getty Images)

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