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This is where Sigler dishes out the good stuff, the pure stuff, the stuff not cut with other stuff that is neither good nor pure. If you like your fiction intense and original, you're in the right place.


ALIGHT Episode #14

June 19th, 2016

Episode 256 of 349 episodes

Visca was killed by Springers, and the Birthday Children want revenge With Aramovsky calling for all-out war, Em and Spingate offer an alternative — the two of them will hike into the jungle and try to make contact with the species. If Em and Spingate succeed, there might be peace and food for all. If they fail, there will be slaughter. http://media.blubrry.com/scottsigler/media.libsyn.com/scottsigler/14_ALIGHT_Episode_14.mp3 Don't see a "play" button above? Click here to download. The post ALIGHT Episode #14 appeared first on scottsigler.com.

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