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This is where Sigler dishes out the good stuff, the pure stuff, the stuff not cut with other stuff that is neither good nor pure. If you like your fiction intense and original, you're in the right place.


FridayFix • PHXCC Panel“Trope Talk: Comedic Relief”

June 18th, 2016

Episode 255 of 349 episodes

A quick fun Friday Fix for your ear holes! Scott was on the panel "Trope Talk: Comedic Relief" at this year's Phoenix Comic Con a few weeks back. And you Junkies know that Scott's work includes some great comedic tropes, include the sublimely sassy sidekick we all know and love, Detective Pookie Chang. This is a live recording of the panel, so there's a little room noise, but I think you'll enjoy it, so take a listen! http://media.blubrry.com/scottsigler/media.libsyn.com/scottsigler/174_FridayFix___PHXCC_Tropes_Panel.mp3 Don't see a "play" button above?Click hereto download. The post FridayFix • PHXCC Panel“Trope Talk: Comedic Relief” appeared first on scottsigler.com.

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