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September 14th, 2014

Episode 63 of 349 episodes

Here it is! It's been two years since we launched GFL Book IV, THE MVP, and finally the saga of Quentin Barnes and the Ionath Krakens continues. http://media.blubrry.com/scottsigler/media.libsyn.com/scottsigler/01_THE_CHAMPION_Episode_1.mp3 Quentin Barnes and his Krakens just achieved ultimate glory on the gridiron. No sooner did they get down to the locker room after the massive post-game celebration than Messal the Efficient — Quyth Worker and manager of the Krakens — told Quentin there was a message from his sister, Jeanine. Jeanine was on Quentin's yacht, theHypatia, which was piloted by Frederico Esteban Guissepe Gonzaga, the private investigator Quentin hired to protect her. Under attack by an unknown assailant, Fred had no choice by to take the Hypatia into the Portath Cloud, the "Bermuda Triangle" of the galaxy, from which no ship returns. WHEN WILL THE CHAMPION BE OUT IN HARDCOVER? Thesigned, numbered, limited-edition hardcover ships Sept 30, get your pre-order in now. These will be sold-out by Christmas, folks. YA sports scifi goodness for all. WHEN WILL IT BE OUT AS AN AUDIOBOOK? We're projecting October 30 for the audiobook release date on Audible, iTunes and Amazon. WANT TO BUY THE SERIES IN PAPERBACK? THE ROOKIE (GFL Book I) THE STARTER (GFL Book II) THE ALL-PRO (GFL Book III) THE MVP (GFL Book IV) Don't see a "play" button above? Click here to download. The post THE CHAMPION Episode #1 appeared first on scottsigler.com.

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