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Meet Julia

March 27th, 2017

Julia loves to play! She shows all of her friends on Sesame Street many different ways to have fun, like playing new games and singing your favorite songs. For more videos, activities and tools, visit http://sesamestreet.org/autism

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Word on the Street: Athlete

August 1st, 2016

Basketball and tennis are just some of the sports athletes can play. An athlete is someone who plays a sport. Albert Pujols, an athlete who plays baseball, is here to help Grover demonstrate the word "athlete." What are some other sports athletes can play? For more videos, games and activities visit SesameStreet.org!

When your pet's stomach is upset, you take him where? To the vet! When your pet is feeling sick, you can take it to the veterinarian, or the animal doctor. Veterinarians work with all kinds of animals, like dogs and cats! For more animal videos, games and activities visit SesameStreet.org!

Murray wants to learn more about the people in his neighborhood. Today, he's talking to Juan the Zookeeper. He takes care of the animals in the zoo, like penguins and sea lions. Who are some of the people in your neighborhood? For more videos, games and activities visit SesameStreet.org!