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Stand up comic and from MTV's Girl Code, Jessimae Peluso, talks road stories, horror movies, relationship shi*t, and her eternal search for John Stamos. (With weekly guests!)

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In this episode, Jessimae talks about her shows in Ft. Worth, Texas, partying with Drag Queens at the Rainbow Lounge, and the importance of setting life goals. Music Ma Russia “Time of My Life” (remix)

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In this episode, Jessimae talks about traveling to Canada, bonding with a seal in a mall, and staring at children in airports. Music “Thrift Shop” Macklemore

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#85 Sharknado 4

May 9th, 2017

Movie companion podcast! In this episode, Jessimae sits down with fellow comic, John Campanelli to watch the CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED Sharknado 4. Get your cheezits, fav snuggie, and weed ready to watch cinematic history in the sharking, we mean, making. Music “Touch The Sky” Kanye West.

In this episode Jessimae talks about her family visiting, what it was like to be high around a toddler, and getting spooned by a 3 ton cow named “Big Ben.”