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Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Blog is marketing and communications insights from the edge. Mitch Joel will unravel the complex world of digital marketing and social media with the perspective of a digital marketing agency. The Six Pixels Of Separation podcast is also here. Join the digital marketing conversation. Take part in the new marketing discussion. Stay tuned to see how this interactive agency is making a digital difference. While marketers still struggle to understand online marketing, an entirely new generation of marketing opportunities is already taking place and they're being created by your customers. The Twist Image blog is here for all of your digital marketing adventures.


SPOS #215 - Media Hacks #34

August 16th, 2010

Episode 216 of 577 episodes

Welcome to episode #215 of Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast. This is also episode #34 of Media Hacks. Hugh McGuire (Book Oven, Bite-Sized Edits, LibriVox), Julien Smith (co-author of Trust Agents, In Over Your Head) and I met for a sushi lunch and decided to record the latest episode of Media Hacks. We all agree that we love the ambient background noise (even the music) that comes from recording live - we hope you do too. We're not sure if it was the green tea or the sashimi that brought us down the rambling topics we cover, but it sure was heavy, intense and required most of us to get some fresh air right after recording. In this episode we look at everything from publishing, privacy, data and location to anonymity, net neutrality, circumcision (not a typo) and the future of media. The biggest thought: it's getting hard to opt-out of the online world and perhaps we have to review our own perceptions of ourselves. Enjoy the conversation... Here it is: Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast - Episode #215 - Host: Mitch Joel. Running time: 51:04. Audio comment line - please send in a comment and add your voice to the audio community: +1 206-666-6056. Please send in questions, comments, suggestions - [email protected] Hello from Beautiful Montreal. Subscribe over at iTunes. Please visit and leave comments on the Blog - Six Pixels of Separation. Feel free to connect to me directly on Facebook here: Mitch Joel on Facebook. or you can connect on LinkedIn. ...or on twitter. In a perfect world, connect with me, directly, through Facebook. Six Pixels of Separation the book is now available. Episode #34 of Media Hacks happens right now and it will features: Hugh McGuire - LibriVox - Bite-Sized Edits - The Book Oven. Julien Smith - In Over Your Head - Co-author of Trust Agents. MIA: Chris Brogan - New Marketing Labs - Co-author of Trust Agents. C.C. Chapman - Managing The Gray - Digital Dads. Christopher S. Penn - Blue Sky Factory - Marketing Over Coffee. Live and in person from a Sushi joint - enjoy the music and the sounds of us chowing down. Julien had a killer Blog post: Life Doesn't Start Tomorrow. Julien feels that he can be like Seth Godin. People react to Social Media best when it's (a little) like mass media. We love traditional mass media headlines. NO longer ignoring baseline connections with people. It's a little about "how many" and little bit about "who" is following you. People, you should follow Hugh McGuire on Twitter. Hugh and Julien start making out because the music is so loud in the restaurant. Kindle makes some major news. Hugh still doesn't care. We're getting close to the moment where technology becomes a commodity. Closed platforms and open platforms. Is a Social Media crash coming? Inspired by Chris Brogan's Blog. The shift from an advertising mindset to a marketing mindset. SCVNGR Puts the Game Back in Location-Based Gaming. Facebook's Foursquare-like location tool is coming, sources say. Google, Verizon and net-neutrality. In Google-Verizon Deal, Fears for Privacy. Google's Next Step Is Not Search. People steal music because it's easy. Selling content is always a more complex process. Julien thinks I had media training. I think I look like an idiot. Does the Internet eventually become a pipe? Is it possible that Google is using a position with Verizon to really just cut deals and beat the leveraging of others? Mobile is the important thing. Who are the big players and what is Microsoft's game? (full disclosure: Microsoft is a client's of Twist Image). Closed is great at the beginning but over time, open is better. The money is not in the advertising - it's in the data and the marketing information. You are being followed, tracked and recorded. Deal with it. Time for Obama to shut down WikiLeaks' Assange. Does the freedom of information threaten democracy. The Next Big Thing Online Could Well Be Anonymity. Think about what you publish. Now think about everything you search for being public. Does Julien have a rash? The social implications of publishing our lives online. Humankind has a history of making decisions for others without consent. Welcome to our universe. We get upset about what Google is doing, but the credit card companies know everything about you. Google is the ultimate media company. The philosophy of the media and the Internet. We are all not that important in the grand scheme of things. Sub dermal implants, Nostradamus and the number of the beast. Privacy vs. convenience. We are meat. We are all the same. Dance monkey... dance. Trust Agents is now available in paperback (and it has been updated) - buy lots of copies. David Usher (with Marie Mai) - 'Je Repars' (in French). Please join the conversation by sending in questions, feedback and ways to improve Six Pixels Of Separation. Please let me know what you think or leave an audio comment at: +1 206-666-6056. Download the Podcast here: Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast - Episode #215 - Host: Mitch Joel. Tags: advertising amazon anonymity bite size edits blog blogging blue sky factory book oven cast of dads cc chapman chris brogan christopher s penn david usher digital dads digital marketing facebook facebook group google hugh mcguire in over your head itunes julian assange julien smith kindle librivox location-based game managing the gray marie mai marketing marketing over coffee mass media media hacks microsoft net neutrality new marketing labs online social network podcast podcasting privacy scvngr seth godin six pixels of separation social media 101 social media crash social media marketing strategy trust agents twist image verizon wikileaks

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