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Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Blog is marketing and communications insights from the edge. Mitch Joel will unravel the complex world of digital marketing and social media with the perspective of a digital marketing agency. The Six Pixels Of Separation podcast is also here. Join the digital marketing conversation. Take part in the new marketing discussion. Stay tuned to see how this interactive agency is making a digital difference. While marketers still struggle to understand online marketing, an entirely new generation of marketing opportunities is already taking place and they're being created by your customers. The Twist Image blog is here for all of your digital marketing adventures.


SPOS #78 - Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast - +1 (206) 666-6056 - Widgets, Analytics And The Fluid Web With Avinash Kaushik

November 18th, 2007

Episode 79 of 577 episodes

Welcome to episode #78 of Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast. This week there is an incredible conversation with Avinash Kaushik from Google all about online marketing, web analytics, the fluid web, widgets and more live from the Googleplex in Mountain View, California. Avinash's passion is infectious... just take a listen. We look at what Marketers can do (and learn) to be more effective with their online marketing spend, and what the immediate future of the Web looks like. Always fascinating, always engaging, this is a conversation you do not want to miss. We also have a few audio comments (there are many more, but please keep them coming) that cover everything from Facebook and privacy to a real-world small world story in the making. Enjoy this conversation... Here it is: Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast - Episode #78 - Host: Mitch Joel. Running time: 49:23. Audio comment line - please send in a comment and add your voice to the audio community: +1 206-666-6056. Please send in questions, comments, suggestions - mitch@twistimage.com. Hello from Beautiful Montreal. Subscribe over at iTunes. Comments are now live on the new Blog - www.twistimage.com/blog. Facebook Group - Six Pixels of Separation Podcast Society - please join (we have over 1150 members). Check out my other Podcast, Foreword Thinking - The Business And Motivational Book Review Podcast - sponsored by HarperCollins Canada. Foreword Thinking - episode #7 is now live and features Ben Mezrich - author of the books, Rigged, Bringing Down The House and more. Webcom Montreal. Canadian Marketing Association Awards. Twist Image wins the Digital Innovation Award. Audio Comment – Robert Cotter – Fixion Media. Audio Comment – Connie Crosby – Canadian Law Librarian. Audio Comment – Sebastian Kiel – Speaking English Podcast. Does anyone know the Card Collector's Corner in Pembroke, Ontario run by Marshall Burton? In Conversation from the Googleplex - Avinash Kaushik - Analytics Evangelist, Google – Occam’s Razor – Web Analytics – An Hour A Day. Googleplex trip review - CommerceThink '07 - Google. About 25 minutes. Topics covered: The Fluid Web. Widgets. Google Analytics. Event logging model for Google Analytics. Tracking applications in Facebook. How Marketers will win moving forward. Understanding your Bounce Rate. Your Website and relevance… and why we suck. Using search as an acquisition tool. Your birthright as a Marketer. Why Google gives everything away for free. How to save money on your advertising – ego-bidding. Microsoft and their free web analytics tool. How can Marketers not be scared of Web Analytics? All proceeds from Avinash’s book – Web Analytics – An Hour A Day – goes to charity. The Smile Train. Medecins Sans Frontiers. Six Pounds of Sound with C.C. Chapman – Accident Hash - Managing The Gray – The Advance Guard. Edwin Derricutt - Symmetry. Please join the conversation by sending in questions, feedback and ways to improve Six Pixels Of Separation. Please let me know what you think or leave an audio comment at: +1 206-666-6056. Download the Podcast here: Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast - Episode #78 - Host: Mitch Joel. Tags: advertising avinash kaushik bounce rate business canadian marketing association cc chapman connie crosby digital innovation award digital marketing edwin derricutt facebook fixion media foreword thinking google google adwords google analytics googleplex itunes marketing medecins sans frontiers microsoft motivational books online advertising podcast podcasting rob cotter sebastian kiel six pixels of separation smile train social media marketing speaking english podcast twist image web analytics

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