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In this podcast, German podcaster Annik Rubens talks slowly about topics of everyday German life, from beergardens to recycling. More information and Premium Podcast with learning materials on Slow German at www.slowgerman.com. You can read the complete transcript of each episode on this internet-site or in the ID3-Tags.


Furniture. Absolute Beginner #4

July 3rd, 2011

Episode 117 of 190 episodes

Jacqueline asked me to produce this beginner's show. She wanted to know what the furniture in a room is called in German. So let's start our tour through a virtual apartment. If you enter a typical German apartment, you open the door, die Türe, die Türe, and get into a corridor. It is called Flur. Here you can take your shoes off and put your coat on a hanger. The place to store your shoes and coat is called Garderobe. Garderobe. It is the cloakroom. But now off on our tour! We start with the living-room. It is called Wohnzimmer in German. Wohnzimmer. In the living-room there's usually a place to sit, for example a couch. We also call it a couch in German. Or sofa. If you sit on a sofa and want to drink something, you put it in front of you on a small table. That table is called Couchtisch. Couch-Tisch. In some living-rooms there's also a space for dining. But many homes have a separate area that is called Esszimmer. Dining room. Ess-Zimmer. The main piece of furniture here is a table. It is called Tisch in German. Tisch. You sit at a table. And you sit on chairs. Chairs are called Stühle. One chair is a Stuhl. More chairs are Stühle. Stühle. We go through to the bedroom. It is called Schlafzimmer in German. Schlafzimmer. The main thing in a bedroom is the bed, of course. And that one is easy to remember, it is called Bett in German. Bett. Beside the bed there is a small table to put books on. It is called a Nachttisch. Nacht-Tisch. On it there is a lamp. The Nachttischlampe. Nacht-Tisch-Lampe. You put your clothes in a wardrobe, it is called Schrank in German. Schrank. What more is there to tell you? If you want to store your books somewhere, you put them on a shelf. A shelf is a Regal. Regal. I think that's enough for today. Have fun learning German! [audio:http://traffic.libsyn.com/slowgerman/sgfurniture.mp3] Episode hier herunterladen

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