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Welcome to the world’s best, certainly most practical, marketing show. Tim Reid here (you can call me Timbo) - I’m the founder and host. In its 7th year, The Small Business Big Marketing Show is laser-focussed on helping you, the motivated business owner, implement clever, effective marketing ideas that you can use to grow your business into the empire it deserves to be. Or maybe you’re a startup looking for mind-blowingly good marketing ideas that don’t cost a fortune. Well, you’re in the right place. I’ve been in the marketing game (and it is a game :) for 30 years. I also speak at business conferences globally and I know just how many business owners find marketing a dark art. So listen in as I ask successful business owners and entrepreneurs the questions we all want the answers to - How do I get more customers? What’s the best marketing to do? Where do I start with my marketing? How do I create a viral video? How do I use social media effectively? How do I scale my business? How do I make a million dollars!! So, if you're ready to take your business to the next level with some highly effective marketing, then you're in the right place. Enjoy!


331 - Spell & the Gypsy Collective's Lizzy Abegg on how she (and her sis) built a multi-million dollar Byron Bay fashion empire.

September 26th, 2016

Episode 339 of 382 episodes

8 years ago, Lizzy Abegg had an epiphany that she needed to move to Byron Bay to help her little sister grow a struggling jewelry business. Well, that business is now called Spell & the Gypsy Collective... and it’s a multi-million dollar fashion empire. “Spell and the what?!” I hear you say. Spell & the Gypsy Collective is a Byron Bay fashion label with a cult-like following. The label began when Lizzy’s little sister Isabella (whose childhood nickname was Spell) started selling her handmade jewellery at Byron Bay's local markets. Before too long Lizzy had an epiphany that she needed to be in Byron Bay with her sister, so left her Bondi Beach home and career as a film editor to become Spell’s business partner. From there the label has expanded into fashion, accessories and homewares … and they recently won the overall national Telstra Business Award (against some pretty bloody tough competition). Spell is now consistently doing over a million dollars a month, has 660,000 Instagram followers, and a flagship store frequented by celebs from around the world. It’s also a shining example of entrepreneurship and business passion in the notoriously tough and highly competitive fashion industry. We cover a lot of ground in this chat … from the early days of Spell, to the importance of authenticity, to why we should avoid perfection, to some critical factors in ensuring your marketing actually delivers. Plus I share some feedback from a listener who's taking action after tuning in to their favourite marketing podcast ;00, and I share three live events that you should consider attending (well, two actually, the first one is invite only and all invites are gone). That said, I'll be doing a n epsidoe from it with all the key learnings. Yep, another big show. Let's get stuck, right in. EPISODE TIMELINE 00:00Two marketing insights00:37 Teaser01:15 Welcome & overview02:45 3ways to improve your marketing by attending theselive events06:25 Today’s guest introduction -Lizzy Abegg of Spell & the Gypsy Collective08:34 Interview withLizzy Abegg of Spell & the Gypsy Collective50:54Insights into Key Person of Influence& WebCentral53:01 My Top 3 Attention Grabbers frommy chat withLizzy Abegg of Spell & the Gypsy Collective55:24 Insights from a listener who's taken action1:00:41 Wrap-up and an insight in to both a past guest & next week’s guest EPISODE SPONSORS WebCentral- Exclusive listener offersGet your online marketing sorted with these exclusive listener offers. Key Person of Influence - Become highly valued &highly paidGrab a FREE hard or audio copy of their Amazon best-seller. RESOURCES & LINKS MENTIONED WebCentral's Online Conversionworkshops-October in Sydney and Melbourne -use promo code TIMBO16 for 10% discountCreate Freedom Through Outsourcing Tour #3Spell & the Gypsy Collective's main websiteSpell & the Gypsy Collective's InstagramInterview withKourtney Olsen from Grrrl MY TOP 3 MARKETING ATTENTION GRABBERS Authenticity - I love Lizzy’s definition of this much over-used word - she simply describes it as ‘being yourself’ - if you want to learn more about ‘being yourself’ then check out the episode I did with Julie Cross (AKA Miss Sparkle) who goes deep into how to own your own space. Small Images - Lizzy’s rule of designing for the mobile screen first is critical if you want your marketing images to work - this applies to logos, taglines, photos, social media posts …. Everything! Perfection (or lack of it!) - I love the fact that the brand has multiple versions of its name (Spell and the Gypsy Collective, Spell, Spell Designs) - whilst not ideal, it hasn’t affected them growing a multi-million dollar empire. So, if you’re waiting for everything to be perfect before you make your next move then you may be waiting a long time! Instead, take a leaf out of Lizzy’s approach! OVER TO YOU … What was your biggest marketing learning or ah-ha moment from this episode? Leave your comment below. My guest and I respond to each and every comment.

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