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Flying Solo

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The show for those starting or running a one person business, hosted by Robert Gerrish. With 95k+ members and stacks of resources, Flying Solo keeps you on track.


Tom Cronin was in a bad way. Anxious, sleepless and sinking into depression, he knew he had to change. A decade on, he’s transformed his approach to life and work and today has a solo business that assists others. Avoid the wobble, take action now.

Featured Podcast


Most online searches deliver squillions of results and you’re probably in there somewhere. That’s only part of the equation though, as what we’re after are leads that turn into business. In this podcast, Stuart Brown highlights the simplest way to turns things around.

Roger La Salle is an engineer and innovator and loves nothing more than to stir up businesses and unearth exciting opportunities. In this interesting, meandering and mildly confrontational podcast he tells us how soloists should approach the topic.

For many startups, ‘the idea’ gets more attention than the financials. Risky business. In this podcast, David Shire walks us through the figures we must be clear on. Grab a pen and paper and listen in.