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ON TIME, ON TARGET. Special operations military news and straight talk with the guys, hosted by best selling authors Brandon Webb (former Navy SEAL sniper instructor) and Jack Murphy (former Army Ranger and Green Beret,) alongside award winning producer Ian Scotto. We are a #1 ranked show in Apple Podcasts government category. For early releases commercial free, bonus episodes & our full show archive join us at http://SOFREPRadio.us

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It’s often said on this podcast that we try to strike a balance between having on A-list guests with major names in the community, and bringing on guys with incredible stories that we’ve tracked down and that you’ve almost certainly never heard from before. Bob Charest most definitely fits that second category, and his time in Detachment A is...

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Jack Murphy is back in studio, and it’s been nearly a hundred episodes since we’ve heard from our MACV-SOG writer John Stryker Meyer. There is no shortage of things to talk about with John. For one, he has an article out detailing how the current administration has completely ignored the POW/MIA issue and in particular is yet to name a director...

This show, we decided to switch it up, and with all of the great archived audio from Inside the Team Room, I put together a best of with some of your favorite guests to the show, as well as guys we’ve never had on SOFREP Radio. I even threw in a clip of the legendary Chris Kyle from the first ever Inside the Team Room which is no longer...

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Ep. 261 - Frumentarius

July 6th, 2017

SOFREP writer and Navy SEAL Frumentarius is back on with me this episode. We start off with some Q&A from the readers, and then get into some of Fru’s background in the Navy and the CIA, including his family having four former SEALs. We hear about when and where he served as well. We also talk about some of his latest articles including his...