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Climb aboard the Hugo Award-winning StarShipSofa, and let intrepid Captain Tony C. Smith take you on a voyage of wonder! This vessel's cargo hold is filled with the latest &amp;amp; greatest in science fiction short stories, and her engine is fuelled by the finest narrators in all of known space. <br /> <br /> Podcasting the finest in genre fiction, interviews and fact articles, StarShipSofa has been the mighty flagship of the District of Wonders podcast network since 2006. Over the years, StarShipSofa has grown to feature many of the best in the field, including stories from the most well-known authors of the past and present, as well as the finest up-and-coming talent breaking onto the scene today. <br /> <br /> Like all shows in the District of Wonders, StarShipSofa is supported by a welcoming community of dedicated fans and contributors. Subscribe to this podcast today and begin your journey through time, space, and beyond. <br /> <br /> Everyone has a story in the District of Wonders. Come and find yours. <br /> <br /> Winner: Hugo Award for Best Fanzine, 2010<br /> <br /> Nominee: Parsec Awards, 2007


StarShipSofa No 448 Hugo Nominee Part 1 Brooke Bolander

August 17th, 2016

Episode 503 of 540 episodes

Week 1 of Hugo Nominees This story is nominated for Best Novelette Main Fiction: "And You Shall Know Her By The Trail of Dead" by Brooke Bolander Originally appeared in Lightspeed, Issue #57. Audio produced by Skyboat Media. Brooke Bolander is a chaos-sowing trickster of indeterminate employment, half-tornado, half-writer. Originally from the deepest, darkest, swampiest regions of the southern US, she attended the University of Leicester from 2004 to 2007 studying History and Archaeology and is a graduate of the 2011 Clarion Writers’ Workshop at UCSD. Her work has been featured in Lightspeed, Strange Horizons, Nightmare, and several anthologies, including Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy 2016. A finalist on this year's Nebula, Hugo, Sturgeon, and Locus ballots, she currently resides in New York with her partner, their pets, and a small but growing army of haughty house centipedes. Narrated by: Gabrielle de Cuir Gabrielle de Cuir has narrated close to one hundred books and many dozens of short stories, specializing in science fiction, fantasy, humor and titles requiring extensive foreign language and accent skills. Her "velvet touch" as an actor's director has earned her a special place in the audiobook world as the foremost director for best-selling authors and celebrities. Short list of those directed: Ray Bradbury, Carl Reiner, Deepak Chopra, Eric Idle, Nancy Cartwright, Michael York, Ed Herrmann and Joe Mantegna. As director/producer (and talent), Gabrielle has helmed the Skyboat Media productions of ENDER’S GAME ALIVE, LIGHTSPEED MAGAZINE’S WOMEN DESTROY SCIENCE FICTION, 30 YEARS OF TREASON and most recently the Kickstarter-funded recording of Harlan Ellison’s THE CITY ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER.

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