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Mike Doughty's "Revelation: A Rock Opera"

February 26th, 2015

Episode 40 of 201 episodes

At the end of every year, we ask listeners to send us their creative resolutions for the New Year – projects they’ve always wanted to do, but needed a little push to get going. Then, we pick a handful of them to follow and hold to their promises. In 2014, we got one of our most peculiar and ambitious proposals yet: the musician Mike Doughty, of the great 90s band Soul Coughing, wanted to write a rock opera based on the Book of Revelation. How could we say no to that? Mike followed through, met his deadline, and premiered his show in three performances at WNYC’s Greene Space in New York. And it was amazing. We can honestly say we never thought Revelation could be made into a musical that actually rocked. Listen to the full audio above, or watch avideo of the performance below. Revelation: A Rock OperaA world premiere recorded live in The Greene Space at WNYC on January 27, 2015.Written, composed, and directed byMike DoughtyVisual art byZebadiah Keneally Cast: Mike Doughty, John the Revelator/guitarAmber Gray, The WordXenia Rubinosand Melissa McMillan, vocalsAndrew Livingston, celloJohn Guari, keyboards/trumpetPete Wilhoit, drums Crew: Jennifer Keeney Sendrow, producerRicardo Fernandez, technical directorChase Culpon, recording engineer Song list:0:00 Preamble2:00 Write the Things You Have Seen9:30 I Saw A Door Opened in Heaven14:30 How Long Will it be Before You Avenge Us?20:20 12,00021:20 Sir, You Must Know!22:00 Terror, Woe!25:20 The Shapes of the Locusts Were Like Horses26:30 Write the Things You Have Seen (Reprise)28:00 The Four Angels Were Loosed28:45 It Was in My Belly Bitter31:30 The Two Witnesses33:45 The Mother and the Dragon35:30 I Saw Another Beast Coming From the Sea39:30 The Word Stands on the Mountain41:00 Who Will Not Fear You?47:40 Mother of Abominations55:00 Captains of the Merchant Ships/King of Kings58:20 Cast Into the Lake of Fire65:10 The Time is at Hand Video: "Revelation" live in The Greene Space

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