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A message from Aaron! Re: Kickstarter

November 20th, 2013

Episode 12 of 243 episodes

That's right, we have only 3 days left onthe Kickstarter! It has been an amazing month, and we can't wait to bring Season 2 to you guys!But we are still trying to reach our second stretch goal, and we have some big things planned... including getting a certain someone to speak! Can you guess who?We added a few new reward levels, in case you missed them:$60 - A Sword and Laser stein.Suitable for filling with mead or romulan ale! (plus the DIRK & HEAT RAY and KNIFE & MASER level rewards).$60 - Sword and Laser Kindle case or sleeve.Put your Kindle in a case that shows off your a member of the world's greatest SciFi and Fantasy book club! (plus the DIRK & HEAT RAY and KNIFE & MASER level rewards)$75 - USB Drive with all the audio and video episodes of Sword and Laser!(plus the DIRK & HEAT RAY and KNIFE & MASER level rewards).So if you haven't pitched in yet, or want to raise your reward level, now is the time!! Thank you!

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