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S&L Podcast - #148 - Kick-off Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie

October 30th, 2013

Episode 5 of 243 episodes

We’re back and our Kickstarter is funded! Hooray! That means Sword and Laser video episodes will return. And if we make our stretch goal you might get even more! We’re also here to wrap-up Boneshaker by Cherie Priest and Kick-off our November book from NaNoWriMo victor and first-time novelist Ann Leckie, Ancillary Justice. Direct download here!WHAT ARE WE DRINKING? Tom: NyQuilVeronica: Some kind of white wineQUICK BURNS Hey we launched a KickstarterTwo new MISTBORN novels signedAmazon Kindle Matchbook is liveEscape Pod, Podcastle and Pseudopod podcasts need your helpNeil Gaiman explains the worth and value of librariesCALENDARBOOK KICK-OFF Ancillary Justice by Ann LeckieInside 'Ancillary Justice': Q&A with Sci-Fi Author Ann LeckieA Skillfully Composed Space Opera In 'Ancillary Justice'“Nothing quite clarifies your thoughts like thinking you’re about to die.” Ann Leckie’s Ancillary JusticeBOOK WRAP-UP Boneshaker (Clockwork Century) by Cherie Priest Themes: Steampunk & Apathy What did you think of the ending? BARE YOUR SWORD NaNoWriMo 2013 FolderDivide and Conquer: A NaNoWriMo AlternativeEMAIL I love the podcast but I have one tiny correction to what Tom said about ebooks and libraries. At least at the library district where I work, we can only lend out one copy of an ebook to one patron at a time. In other words, the ebook works just like a physical book. We have to buy multiple licenses in order for more than one person to check out a particular title. Also, some publishes put a limit on the number of checkouts a title can have. After that limit is hit, we have to buy another copy of the ebook.Keep up the great work!ChrisADDENDUMS Get Tom's new book 'Lot Beta' at tommerrittbooks.comSign-up for Veronica's vampire-unfriendly gift box at quarterly.co.This podcast is brought to you by Audible.com the internet’s leading provider of audiobooks with more than 150,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature and featuring audio versions of many New York Times Best Sellers.For listeners of this podcast, Audible is offering a free audiobook, to give you a chance to try out their service.For a free audiobook of your choice go to audiblepodcast.com/sword.This episode is brought to you by Squarespace, the all-in-one platform that makes it fast and easy to create your own professional website or online portfolio. For a free trial and 10% off, go to squarespace.com and use offer code SWORD10.

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