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S&L Podcast - #160 - Scully Writes a Book, Ringo is a God

January 21st, 2014

Episode 32 of 243 episodes

We've got some awesome news about new books from Peter F. Hamilton, Richard Morgan, Joe Abercrombie and Gillian Anderson. Plus we wrap up our January book, The Einstein Intersection.Download direct file here!QUICK BURNSCover art for HALF A KING by Joe AbercrombieRichard Morgan completes THE DARK DEFILESPeter F. Hamilton updateX-Files' star Gillian Anderson writing sci-fi book seriesFINALISTS: 2013 Philip K. Dick AwardCALENDARRead down to Feb. 4TV, MOVIES AND VIDEO GAMESThe first Outlander trailer is all epic battles (with a hint of sex)First Game of Thrones season 4 trailer shows why Westeros is hellREAD THEM NOW, WATCH THEM LATER: SCIENCE FICTION, FANTASY AND HORROR ADAPTATION WATCHBOOK CHECK-INBest websites that explain the Einstein IntersectionThe role of music in Einstein IntersectionPronouny thingsKnowing the genreFebruary PickWizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. LeguinBARE YOUR SWORDThe "Party Scene" in classic Sci-FIEMAIL---On your last podcast you talked about the "controversy" of picking a weirder, lesser known title like "The Einstein Intersection" over something more well known, like "Nova." But those weird picks, informed by the personal tastes of you two, are so much more interesting than standard picks that I might come across just by googling "top Delaney novels." The weirder picks you guys do don't always sync up exactly with my tastes, but they're always interesting, and they're often something I never would have had the pleasure of coming across on my own.I personally am loving the weird beauty of The Einstein intersection, and I thought it a good idea to let you guys know that not everyone hates the decision to sometimes go off the beaten path.-RobADDENDUMSAudible is offering Sword & Laser listeners a FREE audiobook , along with a 30daytrial. Go to audiblepodcast.com/swordlaser to take advantage of this special offer!!

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