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S&L Podcast - #169 - Sneaking Peeks and Swapping Sleeves

April 2nd, 2014

Episode 64 of 243 episodes

From a debate on whether we should read early chapters from George R.R. Martin's "Winds of Winter" to the usefulness of Asimov's three laws, to our wrap-up of Altered Carbon, this is an episode that should contain a lot of wisdom. Who knows? It might!Download audio here!WHAT ARE WE DRINKING?Tom and Veronica:Bulleit BourbonQUICK BURNSAmazing Stories relaunches on April 1Pre-order William Gibson's new far-future novel The PeripheralA New Novella from Patrick Rothfuss’ Kingkiller Chronicles Series Arrives November 2014!Excerpt from the Winds of Winter | George R.R. MartinAll Hell Breaks Loose In That New Winds of Winter ChapterWhy Asimov's Three Laws Of Robotics Can't Protect UsCALENDARTV, MOVIES AND VIDEO GAMESX-Men - Days of Future PastBOOK CHECK-INWRAP-UP Altered Carbonby Richard K. Morgan.Finished - overall impressions?When are you a new person?APRIL PICKSA Dance of Cloaks by David DalglishBrand by Bryan BensonBARE YOUR SWORDWhich real-world companions would accompany you on a fantasy world quest?SF and Fantasy AnthologiesEMAIL***Hey Tom and Veronica!Listener from Bosnia here. Since you're reading Altered Carbon I'd like to weigh in.Kovacz which is a transliteration of Kovač. The last letter is read like a "ch" sound like in cheap, chore or champion.The "a" is more like an "ah" sound rather than "ay". Like the second "a" in "large". And Kovač means "smith". So there you go! Takeshi Kovacz - Warrior Smith!Not chiding you for the pronunciation btw; I just found that this was an appropriate excuse to contact you!Love the show and I hope it keeps going strong for years to come.All the best,StefanP.S.:I hope (rather arrogantly) that this email gets picked up for the podcast because I would absolutely love hear Veronica mispronounce my name, because I'd find it quite charming!***Hey sword and laser!I need some help. I'm trying to find a book I read once upon a time. It has to do with the the earths rotation stopping, I think because of an asteroid strike, and is an adventure set in what remains of civilization. I want to say it's by Navarro... But can't find any hints of it anywhere. Does this ring a bell?Thanks and keep up the good work!Ryan***

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