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S&L Podcast - #181 - The Promise of More Blood

June 25th, 2014

Episode 100 of 243 episodes

We break down our June book pick, Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan, and find out why its actually four or five books and its gods are not what they seem. Also we set up our July pick from Octavia Butler and decide whether warp speed is actually coming or not. Download direct here!WHAT ARE WE DRINKING? Tom: Boddington's Pub Ale Veronica: Earl Grey Tea QUICK BURNS3 more Expanse novels announced - Ben IXS Enterprise (IXS-110) - BookshelfEvery Game Of Thrones Scene Broken Down By Book, Chapter And Episode WINNERS: 2014 Campbell and Sturgeon AwardsPICKS Tom: Cibola Burn by James S A Corey,Traveling in Space by Steven Paul Leiva Veronica: Shattered by Kevin Hearne, though I'm still a book behind! Sandi - I finished listening Hollow World this morning. I really liked it. Kind of a modern H.G. Wells/Jonathan Swift vibe. I'm now starting On the Steel Breeze. I love the narrator, Adjoa Andoh. She played Martha's mother on Doctor Who and was one of the narrators of Lagoon by Nnedi Okorafor. Find more upcoming releases at swordandlaser.com/calendar BARE YOUR SWORD Monthly meetups! Uncharted-esk Books by Josh How do you find new books to read? by Alexander Should We Read Comics/Graphic Novels As Group Reads by Killian BOOK OF THE MONTH DISCUSSION July Book is Dawn by Octavia Butler Wrap up Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan "The revolution will not be...?" by Sean Let's talk about the ending by Joanna ADDENDUMSLooking for something ELSE to read? Wish you could read 20 books in the space you usually read one? Can't decide between scifi and fantasy? WE HAVE SOLVED ALL YOUR PROBLEMS. The Sword and Laser Anthology combines 10 great scifi and 10 great fantasy stories from new authors found RIGHT HERE in our audience. And the stories are fantastic. Even Patrick Rothfuss thinks so. Head on down to your favorite online bookseller and search Sword and Laser Anthology or point your favorite Web browser to swordandlaser.com/store. Listeners who complete the survey will be entered in an ongoingmonthly raffle to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card.Survey!Take the listeners survey at podsurvey.com/laser.

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