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S&L Podcast - #191 - Tom Merritt, Kindle Hater

October 1st, 2014

Episode 118 of 243 episodes

From excitement about a new book in the Old Man's War series, to a rising demand for SciFi, things are looking up on the laser side. We also find out that Tom doesn't use a Kindle and Veronica's opinion on spiders. Download here!WHAT ARE WE DRINKING? Tom: Yorkshire Gold Tea Veronica: Hendricks Gin and Tonic QUICK BURNS Joanna: Next Old Man's War book from John Scalzi announced.The End of All Things SporadicReviews: Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars trilogy optioned for TV! Joe Informatico: FOX has committed to a put pilot* for a TV series based on the DC Comics (former Vertigo imprint) version of Lucifer, Lord of Hell. Lucifer first appeared in the Neil Gaiman-written Sandman comics before later featuring in his own Vertigo series.*I had to look this up. Apparently a ""put pilot"" means the network/channel agrees to air the pilot with substantial financial penalties to the development studio if they back out. This is generally a sure sign the network will pick up the pilot. SporadicReviews pointed out Pyr books in a blog post wrote: "We’ve recently heard from independent booksellers that their customers are hungry for science fiction again, despite the predominance of fantasy over these last several years. Paul: New Kindle Voyagelooks cool.PICKS ShadowShow by Brad Strickland Book Discussion: Next time we'll discuss The Steel Remains by Richard K. MorganPost your thoughts to the thread and we'll discuss more about them next time! Find more upcoming releases at swordandlaser.com/calendar BARE YOUR SWORD Good books that are driven distinctly by outstanding dialogue? What's with the giant spiders? Peter V. Brett Calls Out DC Comics on Sexism BOOK OF THE MONTH DISCUSSION Kick Off Alif the Unseenby G. Willow WilsonS&L Podcast - #112 - Interview with G. Willow Wilson! — Sword & Laser Wrap-UpStories of Your Life and others by Ted Chiang SoYLaO: The Common Thread of the Stories (Mild Spoilers) - Carolina ADDENDUMS Support our show on Patreon

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