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S&L Podcast - #214 - Discworld's Inner Rage

April 30th, 2015

Episode 156 of 243 episodes

Rucksack UniverseAuthor and Pratchett Enthusiast, Anthony St. Clair joins us to wrap up our reading of Terry Pratchett's Wyrd Sisters. Is Granny Weatherwax a conduit for Pratchett's righteous anger? Does Tom live next to Nanny Ogg? All these mysteries and more revealed.Download directly here!WHAT ARE WE DRINKING? Tom: The Dalmore 12 year old Veronica: Bulleit Bourbon Anthony: A delicious coffee stout of some description. QUICK BURNS Joanna: It looks like Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell is going to come out soon. 7-part miniseries Clyde: A passage which was cut from A Wrinkle in Time has been found by Madeleine L'Engle's granddaughter and published by the Wall Street Journal. Tamahome: Don't know if you covered the Arthur C. Clarke award nominees. It's a juried award, different from the Hugo's, and different from Arthur C. Clarke novels as well. Dara: Gollancz acquires sequel to Sir Arthur C. Clarke’s A Meeting with Medusa, written by Alastair Reynolds and Stephen Baxter Dara: Cover reveal for Charlie Jane Anders's debut novel All the Birds in the Sky was posted on Tor. Coming Feb. 2, 2016 Sky: Mark Lawrence (Empire of Thorns, Red Queen's War) has a new 3 book deal from Harper Collins for "Red Sister", this one featuring a female protagonist. BARE YOUR SWORD Hi Tom and Veronica, Just wanted to drop a note quick and say that Tom I immediately thought oh man this is like Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy for fantasy too as I got into this book. It really has that same vibe and I also had no idea Pratchett's work was like that. Fun stuff. Also I am listening to the audio version and it appears to be an older recording so I could see why that has put some off but I am kind of enjoying the old school vibe. Thanks, Drew R. BOOK OF THE MONTH DISCUSSION Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett Study guideio9 Guide to Discworld Next month: Sword of Rhiannon by Leigh Brackett - discussion on how to obtain it in Goodreads. AudiobookUsed copies EBook (Under the name Sea-Kings of Mars) Wikipedia article ADDENDUMS Our show is currently entirely funded by our patrons at patreon.com/swordandlaser Thank you to all the folks who back our show and if you would like to support the show that way head to patreon.com/swordandlaser You can also support the show by buying books through our links! Find links to the books we talk about and some of our favorites at swordandlaser.com/picks

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