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A show on political economy and historical analysis hosted by C. Derick Varn and Amogh Sahu with a monthly supplement with Arya We interview figure on economics and politics from a historical materialist perspective and look at alternate modes of economic and political organization as well as offering our own commentary on the topic.


Jacob Feygin on Economic History of the USSR (Part 1)

February 10th, 2016

Episode 19 of 21 episodes

Jacob Feygin walksus throughan economic history of the Soviet Union, coveringfrom the immediate post-revolutionary period up through World War II. Part 2, to be released within the next month, will pick up from the post-WWII period throughthe end of the USSR.We would like to thank our producer Maxx Bartko for taking the reigns. We would also like to thank our patreon supporters.

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