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Talking Shop is a weekly series that delves deep into marketing spin and consumer psychology to find out why we buy what we buy - and how we can buy better.


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Talking Shop: Be afraid

August 4th, 2014

Fear can have a powerful effect on our behaviour – motivating us to eat less, give up smoking and even buy more.

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Talking Shop - Separate stories podcast cover

Talking Shop: Buy now!

July 28th, 2014

You might think you can resist the overtures of marketers to get you to buy more – two for one deals, limited edition items and Boxing Day sales. But there are many subtle strategies to get you to spend on things that in the cold light of day, you may not need or want.

Do you try to be an ethical consumer, or do you find it too expensive or just plain confusing? Free range, cruelty free, locally grown, sustainably produced—what can you believe, and does buying ethically make a difference?

How do you prefer to buy things—with cash or a card? How about wave and run? These days you can have your purchase all over and done with in as little five seconds with pay wave style cards.