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Hosted by the expert share market analysts at Wealth Within, the Talking Wealth Podcast is a must listen for new and experienced traders and investors alike. Each and every week the Wealth Within team are front and centre providing you with a healthy dose of trading and investing education, wealth creation strategies as well as hints and tips to boost your share market profits.


This true story of one traders horror night of trading brings to life the reality of trading along with sharing lots of valuable lessons.

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BHP is up against US Hedge Fund Elliott Management. It will be an interesting couple of months as we observe what unfolds. Remember to refer to your price chart rather than making quick judgements based on what you read or hear.

Banks have increased the cost of investment lending. If you have an ABN it may work against you. As you build your wealth through property and shares, you need to know that the way you structure your investments may cost you.

In this podcast, Dale Gillham takes you through the "how to" of portfolio construction, the basis of which is outlined in his book "How to beat the managed funds by 20%".