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Welcome Tarot Lovers! Enter Beyond Worlds ~ Your friendly Tarot community, powered by Tarot! Find your way back here by going to www.TarotTribe.com or download us on iTunes. All archived shows are listed at http://www.donnaleigh.com/bwshowlisting.htm. Are you a reader who wants to go deeper? Our job is making good readers great: we focus heavily on tarot and Lenormand education for the serious reader. We thank The Tarot Community for voting Beyond Worlds hosts as "Tarosophists of the year 2010," for "outstanding contribution to Tarot throughout the year." Those voting referred to the show as "dynamic, refreshing, innovative, constantly curious, educational and meaningful." Your Tarot Tribe, Beyond Worlds has "consistently produced an educational, wide-ranging, contemporary, relevant, fun, accessible, professional and well-produced online radio show for Tarot." We also received "Best Tarot Podcast of 2010" and "Best Tarot Podcast of 2011" from Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady, at www.tarotlady.com (Thank you!). Voted by the community as Outstanding Cartomancy Website of both 2012 and 2013 by The Academy of Cartomancy Arts and Science in the 2012/2013 Pecto Awards. Voted the Best of Tarot for 2011 and 2012 by Hilary Parry at TarotbyHilary.com (thank you!). Join us and meet the world's premiere tarot & Lenormand thinkers, doers, creators, leaders, and publishers along with metaphysical teacher "greats" who help you tap into a deeper level with your own readings. Go deeper into your deck than you ever thought possible. Grab some tea, a soft chair, your favorite deck, or take us on your commute, and kick back with us. Beyond Worlds: "The voice of Tarot." THE DIAL IN NUMBER for Beyond Worlds is always the same: Call us at (646) 200-0765. Got feedback? E-mail us at [email protected] Special thanks to Ciro Marchetti for our beautiful, other-worldly banner.


Beyond Worlds & "The Tarot Lady" Theresa Reed!

October 4th, 2009

Episode 24 of 271 episodes

TAROT READINGS TONIGHT! Amazing Theresa Reed, aka "The Tarot Lady," joins us tonight! A gifted spiritual advisor with tarot as her specialty, Theresa has studied tarot and astrology for many years and has read tarot as a full time profession for about 17 years. She aids clients from all walks of life on their spiritual journey, and her style is very no-nonsense and practical. With the belief that we all have the power to shape our destinies and improve our lives no matter what the current circumstances, her goal is to **empower** the client! Also an avid yogi, Theresa has been teaching yoga for 5 years. She notes that yoga grounds and centers as well as releases any negativity so that we can become a better channel for our tarot work. Visit Theresa's website at https://www.thetarotlady.com/ and her blog at http://blog.thetarotlady.com/ She's on Twitter as @thetarotlady Join us for tarot readings in 3-D as Theresa leads Dawn and Donnaleigh in reading your cards! What do the cards hold for you? Call us live at (646) 200-0765.

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