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The show about the music you liked before you knew any better. Every week Alexander Edward and guests revisit an embarrassing song and music video, mining it for cringeworthy moments and savoring the painful memories they generate. Also, good music if there's time. - Every Episode at ThatAwfulSound.com

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This week my guest Leigh tells us about being “indoctrinated” into the world of New Kids On The Block by an over-enthusiastic Blockhead cousin, and we discuss the lyrically reprehensible and musically unreasonable “Give It To You” by Jordan Knight. We uncover Robin Thicke, Alan Thicke, and Donnie Wahlberg's roles in this supremely creepy “forced...

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This week we’re revisiting “Barbie Girl,” the anomalous, insanely popular European dance song by Danish band Aqua. My guest Angie remembers associating this song with “evil” and “pain,” Emma relates her thorough knowledge of Barbie and Ken’s anatomy, and together we explore the overall weirdness of this fairly sexual song built around a children...

This week we discuss our second Christian song in two weeks(the first of course being OPM’s seminal hit “Heaven is a Halfpipe”), “Pitiful” by Blindside, Christianity’s answer to Refused. Emma shares her memories of relating to this song despite her secular upbringing, and guest Michael Muñoz describes not recognizing the religious themes of this...

This week we take on seriously chill Cali / stoner / Christian? / skater anthem? “Heaven is a Halfpipe” by goateed punsters OPM. We’ve got a blatant stab at radioplay that is as confusing as it is repetitive, comments from the singer 15 years after the song’s release, and a one-note music video that nonetheless leads to a 10 minute riff on JNCO...