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Awarded as an iTunes Best of 2014 podcast, The $100 MBA Show is a new kind of business podcast where you simply get better at business with our daily 10 minute business lessons for the real world. These no fluff, 10-minute episodes are packed with only the pure business building training you want.<br /> <br /> Omar Zenhom shares some of the best business lessons, concepts, examples and insights from inside The $100 MBA training and community. Omar also calls upon some of the industry's top experts as guest teachers on the show. Again, no backstories or promotions, just solid business lessons from the best in the game.<br /> <br /> Life is busy, we know. But we also know you need to always be growing as a business builder. That’s why all our episodes are about 10 minutes or less and subscribers get a fresh episode everyday, 7 days a week. Very cool.


It’s FREE RIDE FRIDAY!!! On today’s episode, we take on a broad but important topic: how to let go. As your business grows, it becomes more and more necessary to take your hands off the reins. Hiring dependable people and trusting them is a skill, and not always an easy one to develop! We discuss […] The post MBA825 How Giving Up Control Makes...

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There are customers, and then there are customers. Some customers can do so much for you business that it’s worth putting extra effort into pursuing them. It may even be worth it to give your product away to certain people! Tastemakers, influencers, and other “power users” can catapult your business forward. In this classic episode […] The post...

Growth is always the goal, and the Internet is full of tips on how to achieve it. Of all the tricks, hints and hacks, there’s been one piece of advice that’s done more for our business than any other. It’s broad, but actionable. It takes some practice, but it’s effective. It’s all about picking your […] The post MBA823 The #1 Growth Hack That...

Business is usually a team sport. But can a lone wolf be successful? In this popular archived episode, we discussed solopreneurship, its advantages, and its limits. Committing to a one-man or woman operation has its up sides, but it may require redefining your personal notion of what success means. We covered all the ins and […] The post MBA822...