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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



July 1st, 2015

Episode 216 of 870 episodes

Kate asks Adam for advice on how to sell the idea she's working on with Lilian to Brian. Adam says be calm, don't get defensive and be prepared with facts and figures. Toby Fairbrother picks up the goslings from Norfolk - Rex is horrified that he has come back with 250 rather than the agreed 100. But Toby feels it was a good deal. Pip suggests they have a stall at the village fete on 19th July to promote the geese. This year's fete theme is 'Ambridge through the ages'. They should celebrate their success with a drink at the Bull, says Pip. Sadly for Pip, Toby can't make it, so it's just her and Rex. Rex thanks David and asks him to pop by to see their little operation. Jill tells David she's concerned about David getting involved and giving himself extra work. Pip seems to be exploited by the Fairbrothers too. David should tell Ruth about what's going on. But David says he doesn't need to - it's enough to just let Ruth sound off about her time up North having to look after Heather. Jill trusts that David knows best.

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