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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



October 1st, 2015

Episode 295 of 870 episodes

Lynda's excited about the Christmas show being at Lower Loxley. Now she just needs to decide on the right production for the wonderful setting. Brian has been talking to the police about the dead deer Lynda found. Apparently armed gangs are hunting deer with dogs. Lynda warns Kathy to keep a look out. Unaware of Toby's promise to Ian of exclusivity, Rex proudly reports that Elizabeth has agreed to buy some Fairbrother geese. Toby's sent back to renegotiate with Ian, who's too busy and understaffed. Using flattery, Toby spells out their problem to Kathy. Ian and Kathy are prepared to overlook the exclusivity clause, in return for a 15% discount on the geese. Rex accepts immediately. Lynda and Kathy are delighted to see Kirsty, who's the final interview candidate for the Health Club manager job. Toby wastes no time in introducing himself to Kirsty and Kathy. Later, Lynda finds Kirsty reflecting on her interview - worried that she was too keen and inexperienced. Lynda says it would be great to have Kirsty back in Ambridge. The idea doesn't feel strange for Kirsty, just good. They talk about Helen - Kirsty just hopes she's happy with Rob. Kirsty asks about Tom, but she's interrupted by her phone. It's Roy - he'd like to offer her the job.

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