The Archers

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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



November 2nd, 2015

Episode 330 of 870 episodes

Eddie shows Jill the notice of a public meeting about the 'cow plague' at Berrow. Eddie senses a cover-up and exaggerates the situation, based purely on the gossip he's heard. Jill, meanwhile, admits she's a bit out of sorts at Lower Loxley - but she mustn't complain. Susan has agreed to be in the Calendar Girls. Clarrie thinks it's because Elizabeth's in it. Eddie's pleased the builders have finished work on Keepers Cottage. On their way to Grey Gables, Eddie takes Clarrie on a detour to Keepers - he has borrowed the keys and wants to show her the decorating that's going on. It's wonderful - new doors, window, carpet - and the kitchen's like a dream! Rob and Pat make a start on decorating at the shop, and Bert Fry eagerly agrees to make some display racks. Helen shares with Rob Fallon's ideas for the branding and logo for the café. Rob's not sure about the name 'The Ambridge Tea Room' - he suggests the 'Bridge Farm Café'. Rob also plays down Emma and Fallon's experience. Helen's put on the spot and goes for the Ambridge Tea Rooms. Rob contains his fury at Helen. Later he tells her off for undermining him. Jill pops to Brookfield and asks after Ruth, who's out with Usha. Jill decides not to leave a message and goes.

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