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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



March 3rd, 2016

Episode 435 of 870 episodes

There's a breech birth at Brookfield, but David's hoping for fewer complications overall with the new herd. Toby shares good news - Justin is going to invest in the pastured egg business. When he leaves, Pip and David discuss Toby, who seems to have calmed down a lot around Pip, as Matthew and Pip seem stable together. Johnny is heading to Leeds to see his mum on Mother's Day, and a girl from college is going to help him pick out a present. "Just a friend" he insists. Johnny discusses his course choices with Tom. He then reveals that Rob is pushing him towards a desk job. Tom reminds Johnny that it isn't up to Rob, or anyone else, to decide what Johnny should do at college. After Tom's chat, Johnny realises that being stuck in an office is not what he wants. Fallon's cinnamon hot cross buns are a success for the tea room. Kirsty asks Fallon whether she has heard from Helen but she hasn't. Later, Harrison and Fallon go late night shopping, and describe how Wayne and Fallon's relationship is recovering - even though Harrison once arrested him! Kirsty also asks Tom if he has spoken to Helen, but they decide she must be busy.

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