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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



September 3rd, 2015

Episode 271 of 870 episodes

Jennifer's working on an updated leaflet for the SAVE campaign, as Kate has taken over the house with business planning for her retreats. Jennifer feels that Adam's plans will soon have the farm buzzing. Yes, says Brian - with bailiffs. Susan's keen for Justin's financial backing with the Village Hall restoration - Neil has written to Justin. Clarrie's surprised to hear the plan is to build a new hall and knock down the old one. Susan's letter against Hazel Woolley has appeared in the Echo. She has also been putting out protest posters, and had a run in with Tom. Clarrie's mortified to also spot in the Echo a feature on the Opera, which details Eddie's mobile phone going off Rob's rather irritated when a late builder makes him miss seeing Henry off for his first day at school. Helen stops by at Bridge Farm's lagoon to fill in time before going back for Henry. She chats to Johnny who's clearing reeds. Henry seem to be coping ok but Helen admits the house felt empty, so she came here. Helen's apologetic to Rob about the mix up with Henry. As they discuss potential builders for the shop, Rob decides on two building firms and assures Helen they won't let them down - he knows how to keep a close eye on people.

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