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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



November 3rd, 2015

Episode 331 of 870 episodes

Ruth has her executor's meeting to discuss Heather's effects. She's stressed and can't find her car keys, complaining that the place is a hovel. In the yard, David talks to Ruth about going back to an old way of doing things - feeding silage straight from the clamp, which Pip is keen on trying. Ruth agrees to try it as a short experiment - but they need to do it properly and properly cost it up. Toby and Rex prepare to talk to Adam about the share farming idea. Rex worries about being grilled on his embellished CV. Toby's keen to do whatever it takes to get the gig. Toby goes in a bit too keen and Adam starts off with Rex's experience with beef cattle and then interrogates the finances - he'd be happier if they had some real capital upfront. Weighing this up with their lack of experience, Adam tells them it's a NO. Adam asks David whether Pip would be interested in share farming with him - David says YES, she'll bite your hand off. Toby then turns up to see Pip and tell her of his disappointment. David stalls Toby so that Adam can make an escape and agrees to pass on the news to Pip, who Toby just wanted to thank for all her help.

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