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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



August 4th, 2015

Episode 245 of 870 episodes

Susan's excited about the shop reopening on the green soon. Helen shows off her wedding ring to Elizabeth. Jill and Elizabeth discuss Bert, who's feeling keen (with his marrows) ahead of the Flower and Produce Show. They also discuss Hester -a friend of Carol's in Bristol, whose husband has died. Jill looks forward to the W.I Centenary on Sept 16th - but they'll need a venue for Ambridge events as the Village Hall is out of use. Carol has been helpful in doing research about the origins of the W.I. Shula mentions that Alistair's important work meeting (which made him miss catching up with Dan at Lulworth) didn't come to anything. Shula shares that she has pondered the idea of moving way - just a silly idea really, but she has pictured getting a little place abroad. Jill suggests a joint birthday party on Sunday for Shula and Kenton, and offers the Stables to host it. Kenton makes it clear to Jill he's not interested in a big family occasion - it'd be sheer hypocrisy. Kenton eventually caves in and accepts Shula's suggestion. Anyway, he's feeling pretty upbeat - they'll be hearing from the insurers soon and plan to start the refurbishments on the Bull.

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