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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



November 4th, 2015

Episode 332 of 870 episodes

Jim has heard from Joe (and tells Shula) that it's bird flu at Berrow Farm. They joke about Joe's wild imagination and the claim that Alistair's verdict (botulism) is just a cover. Jim and Shula agree it's brave and good of Alistair to speak at the meeting tonight. Brian's relieved and right behind Adam who has spoken to Pip about share farming. Brian wouldn't let the Fairbrothers within a mile of his farm if it was up to him. Phoebe did her PPE test today so is let off going to the meeting tonight, where Brian's keen to explain the facts clearly. Adam knows that Jennifer's terrified of any mention of the dead dog which poisoned the silage. Lynda challenges the fact that Brian's chairing the meeting and not Charlie. Brian's there, neutrally, to explain the facts and hands over to Adam who confirms the botulism. Adam reluctantly explains that the cause was a dead animal but doesn't specify a dog. There's no risk to humans, it was just terrible bad luck and not bad management. Lynda's adamant that people sign her anti-Berrow petition. Jim tells disappointed Eddie that he might try a goose for Christmas this year. Eddie then tells Jim he's heard it was a dog that got into the silage - they'd better make sure Lynda doesn't find out.

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