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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



May 5th, 2016

Episode 489 of 870 episodes

It's the day of Helen's pre-trial plea hearing at Felpersham Crown Court. Tom, Pat and Tony wait nervously for proceedings to start. Anna arrives and Pat has to leave for her to talk to Tom and Tony. She tells them the Judge is Sheila Ross. Anna goes to find Helen to find out how she's going to plea. Anna has prepared two statements and asks Helen to choose which one to go with. Pat, Tony and Tom and surprised to see how busy the court room is. They see Helen come into the dock, she looks fragile and bewildered. Helen confirms her identity and then she's asked what is her plea to attempted murder, she answers not guilty. Next, is Helen's plea to wounding with intent: not guilty. Helen's family are relieved. The dates of the trial are set. Helen is denied bail. Pat and Helen call to one another as Helen is taken down. Pat is distraught at the bail refusal. Anna apologises to Tom about bail decision which can't be appealed. Their conversation is interrupted by Anna's phone ringing. Anna answers it and relays to Tom that a doctor has been called for Helen.

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