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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



June 5th, 2015

Episode 176 of 870 episodes

Adam accepts Charlie's offer to help move the combine for Open Farm Sunday - Jennifer was going to help but it's the least Charlie can do. Charlie admits he's nervous about OFS- ambitious Justin wants to make it a big success. It's the day of the Young Farmers' treasure hunt, followed by a party at Home Farm. Pip's disappointed to be paired up with Rex to find the clues (she was hoping to get Toby). Toby's paired up with Kate, who's pretty flirty. Rex and Pip do well finding clues but Toby and Kate ditch the hunt and head to the party early. As things get more raucous, Toby and another young farmer pick Kate up and throw her into Brian's pool. She loves the attention, but Pip looks on embarrassed and slightly hurt. Toby then pours sheep dye into the pool, turning everything purple - including Kate's hair. She laughs it off - she's had purple hair before. Rex is very apologetic, admitting that Toby isn't one for making apologising. Adam suggests Toby should think about offering one to Brian. As the party continues, Pip gets a call. Her Granny Heather has had a massive stroke.

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