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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



August 5th, 2015

Episode 246 of 870 episodes

Pat's keen for she and Tony to get out more and enjoy their retirement. They discuss Helen - Rob has made her so happy. Pat slightly regrets the nature of the wedding, but Tony says the important thing is that they're happy and did it their way. Emma and Fallon are doing the catering for the Lower Loxley Opera. Meanwhile, Jim is teaching Christine Italian. Emma's miffed that she and Fallon won't get to be Helen's maids of honour following the secret wedding. Susan gossips about why they felt the need for a 'shotgun' wedding. Ed distracts Emma by asking about her birthday meal - Emma wants Ed to surprise her. Emma reminds Ed to call Eddie about getting some store cattle for the Primestock show. Ed borrows Tony's trailer and asks him to come along with him next week to advise. Tony's chuffed and flattered - proud to be able to pass on his knowledge. Susan has been trying to contact Hazel about the village shop reopening, but hasn't had an answer (how rude!). Susan calls a meeting of the shop committee and announces that they're moving with the times - she wants the staff to wear tabards with captions.

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