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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



November 5th, 2015

Episode 333 of 870 episodes

Rob feels cheerful and exhilarated after a day's hunting. Rob plays down his anger over Helen's decision on the café name, saying that Helen taking things easy is what's important. Rob's aghast that Susan's taking Henry to the bonfire while Helen works late, questioning the trustworthiness of the Grundys - but he concedes. Charlie's grateful to Adam for his support and invites him to join him at the bonfire tonight and for a few drinks after. At the bonfire, Eddie promotes his turkeys, with George dressed up as a turkey. Henry goes off with George to play with Jake and Mia. Charlie avoids being seen (remembering the Justin Elliot effigy last year) and admits he's facing costs of over 100K - how can he break this to Justin? Susan stands up for Charlie when Lynda asks about putting a notice of her anti-Berrow petition in the village shop window. Eddie stops Susan when she almost mentions a dead dog. For Calendar Girls, Lynda's planning an actual calendar for which Robert will take the photos. They're distracted by a scream - Henry has burnt his hand on a sparkler. Rob contains his anger at Susan but turns it round to Helen privately in the car. Rob lets Helen get herself worked up in her guilt over being at work. Seizing on this, Rob offers to take responsibility at work and Helen agrees.

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