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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



March 6th, 2016

Episode 437 of 870 episodes

It's Mothers' Day, and The Bull is busy. The Brookfield Farm Archers celebrate with a meal. Jill is miffed that Pip is distracted by texting Matthew. David reassures Pip that absence will make the heart grow fonder - that is what happened when Ruth was in New Zealand after all. Ruth finds the day difficult because it is the first Mothers' Day since her mum passed away. Helen mistakes Rob's card and flowers as being for her - they are for Ursula. Rob makes a fuss of Ursula while asking Helen to clear up after Henry, to give Ursula a break. Helen decides not to join the family at The Bull. Over their meal, Ursula says Helen can't be trusted to look after one child, let alone two. She says Helen is too attached to Henry, which is a problem that boarding school would solve. Ursula says it was the making of Rob, and he remarks that things weren't great at home when he was young. Henry and Ursula take part in Clean for the Queen. David takes a family photo of them - without Helen.

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