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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



July 6th, 2015

Episode 220 of 870 episodes

Rob takes a look, rather coolly, at Helen and Tom's plans for the new shop. Helen says there are lots of decisions to make, which she'll talk through with Pat and Tom. Rob wonders about the burden on Helen, with Pat and Tony retiring. Pat and Tony are happy to leave the big decisions to Tom and Helen, but they won't exactly be sitting in their armchairs, says Helen. Tom and Pat go through the layout - whilst they may lose passing trade being on the farm, it's great that they'll all be working together in one location. Charlie and Adam catch up - Adam's herbal leys are causing quite a stir at Home Farm. Adam has given more thought to their cropping plan at Home Farm. He shocks Charlie with his announcement that he's stopping growing maize for him altogether. Charlie's angry and feels it's very unprofessional of Adam to renege on his contract. Charlie has a great deal of respect for Adam, but feels that this time he's making a big mistake.

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