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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



January 7th, 2016

Episode 387 of 870 episodes

Peggy relishes in Phoebe's success at getting a place at Oxford, and discusses with Christine their own education and aspirations. Christine talks proudly of getting into Grammar school. Peggy surprises Chris with her own sad tale of unrealised promise - she passed the exam herself for her local grammar school. but her father objected, so Peggy went to the comprehensive. Peggy wishes Jennifer a happy birthday and she and Christine also relish in Tristram Hawkshaw's review of Calendar Girls, which should please Lynda as it also lambasts Felpersham's offering. David and Ruth congratulate the Fairbrothers on their success with their geese. Toby chooses his moment to appeal to David to let them stay on and develop at Hollowtree, seeming to disregard Ruth who's no pushover. David defers to Ruth who explains that there are issues to be worked out and they need to be sure that any plans the boys have don't clash with the new direction of Brookfield - she will be in touch. Ruth tells David that if he's not certain about their plans for Brookfield they shouldn't go ahead - they're a partnership and need to do be in this together.

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