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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



June 7th, 2015

Episode 178 of 870 episodes

It's Open Farm Sunday. Brookfield try their best but they can't compete with Berrow Farm who are hoovering up all the punters. Rex helps out but Toby's nowhere to be seen. Ruth reports there's not much improvement in Heather; she's soon to be moved to the stroke ward. She really does need Ruth there. David reassures her, and gives her a quick update on life back home. Nervous Helen gives her presentation on the merits of the solar array and meadow planting at Berrow Farm. It's a success. Charlie reports to Adam that Justin has been giving a similar themed talk in the dairy unit, equally well received. After the sheep dye incident, Kate's avoiding Brian - and trying to contact Toby. Failing to find him at Brookfield she heads to Berrow, where she accepts an Charlie's invitation to their 'after-show' party. Once there she loudly accuses Helen of insincerity; really she knows Berrow Farm's just a massively subsidised industrial site. Mortified Adam apologises for his sister, and tears Kate off a strip. There's a time and a place, and her tirade's embarrassed him. He also reminds her that she can't escape Brian's wrath forever - and then she'll need all the friends she can get.

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