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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



June 7th, 2016

Episode 517 of 870 episodes

Kenton and Jolene put up at banner at The Bull promoting their shortlisting in the Borchester Food and Drink Awards. Fallon arrives, feeling the effects of the fruit pickers' barbeque the night before. Jolene tells her the imaginary girlfriend they invented for Wayne didn't go very well so she's getting Wayne and Kenton to talk about their ideas for The Bull over a working breakfast. Ruth and David have lots of questions about what the road decision will mean for the future of their farm. Bert joins them and Jill at Brookfield while they wait for the announcement about the road plans. David hears from Neil that the outcome is on the agenda for the next cabinet meeting which is online. They're amazed to discover the council are going with Route C not Route B. The Bull has one of its best nights in years as people gather there to celebrate the council's decision on the relief road route. Kenton has made a cocktail named 'SAVE Special Sling'. Jill comforts David who is emotional about Brookfield being saved. David makes a speech in the pub and declares "Route B is dead! Long live Ambridge", to which everyone cheers.

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